Monday, December 21, 2009

The Danger of Working from Home

I can be at work as early as I want, work as late as I want, work in my pjs and fuzzy slippers if I want, and watch Ellen if I want. I can play Solitaire if I want and not worry if a boss will catch me, I can blog if I want (what? who does that during work hours?) and I can take my lunch break on the deck by the pool...for two hours if I want.

But sadly, my choices for interactive conversation are limited.

Today, I said hello to The Grinch...and then pushed the little button so I could hear his response. He said...'you're a mean one'.

Bah-humbug Mr. I went upstairs to talk to Santa Homer and get his opinion. I greeted him in his native language by saying "DOH HO HO". Then I pushed his little button. He said "this suit is when am I getting paid?" I said "Look get one more chance or you and The Grinch will both spend Christmas in the fireplace...with your little plastic chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

I hesitantly pushed the button and what did I hear? "Deck the halls with Buddy Holly...fa la la la la.....singing Polly Wolly Doddle all the day". Seems like someone found their Christmas spirit!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Pressure is off - Christmas gift DONE!

When I was a newlywed I was full of ideas of what to give my husband for special occasions - or just random days. He'd even so much as whisper something he liked and VOILA - it would show up in a wrapped box. Or in his closet.....or in the yard (when I surpirsed him with a new shiny basketball goal).

But once I had completed his wardrobe makeover (which was more for ME and my reputation - ha) and stocked the workout room with every type of exercise equipment known to mankind....I was out of ideas.

Men are hard to shop for....has anyone else noticed that or is it just me? :-)

It didn't take us long to figure out that "stuff" was, well...just stuff and really - does he need a super-charged car vacuum or bendable flashlight? What we both love is just hanging out in fun places. Ok...some of our fun places may also include a tropical beach but we also love music and concerts.

We love old rock 'n roll. We love classical music. We love country (**correction**...I love country...he endured a Garth Brooks concert). So last night when we were watching an old concert on TV by a group we both loved he said "if they ever come to town, we'll go". Two minutes later, the Public Television lady comes on and announces as part of the television station fundraiser they were selling primo seats to their concert (before the tickets go on sale to the public) which will be coming to our city in the spring!! We looked at each other in total shock, picked up and phone and got two AWESOME seats to see one of our favorite bands.

Then I said "Christmas gift...DONE". And each of us could not be happier. Maybe he a little more than me because this means he won't have to go near a mall. :-)
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