Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Live Each Day as if it is my First

It’s a cliché, a book and a song….’live each moment as if it was your last’. While the concept behind the words is understandable in that we often take our time for granted and get so caught up in the business of life that we put off living, it occurred to me this morning, while snuggled on the couch in my soft night gown, drinking coffee with my husband like I am so blessed to do every morning, that if I truly faced each day like it was my last I would be feeling a constant sense of closure and terminal thinking.

What if, instead, we lived each moment as if it was our first?

Remember all the amazing ‘firsts’ when you were little? The first time you rode a bike by yourself, the first time you made a snow angel or tasted ‘snow ice cream’…..the first time you liked a boy and he liked you back…the first time you rode a roller coaster or held a puppy?

But those firsts were just the beginning of many firsts. The first time you set foot in the crystal blue Caribbean water….the first time he kissed you…..the first time you saw something so beautiful it literally took your breath away…the first time you held your baby. The feeling is so intense and spectacular that you want to soak up every second of that minute.

There’s a bible passage in the old testament that says “...His compassions never fail. They are new every morning…”

The truth is we can’t truly experience something for the 100th time as if it was our first nor can we imagine that it’s our last and know how it would actually feel. But if I reach over and put my arms around my husband’s body as we both begin to awaken each day and hold each other knowing that this first moment of this new day I get to wake up next to him then maybe…just maybe…I can experience first love over and over – new every morning.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Saying Goodbye to my SIC

I've been busy. I've been lazy. I haven't updated my uber-fun blog in quite a while for a number of reason - most of which do not matter. So why today? Why choose to reach out to the few of you who have actually read my attempts at humor or sharing a perspective on life that seems, perhaps, a bit twisted...or tilted to say the least. Because you are a safe. Most of you don't know me so I don't have to worry about the 'personal' factor. But I feel like I have to say something out loud! I actually would love to SCREAM these words - maybe saying them will make the pain vanish into the thin air once they're said. My SIC committed suicide four weeks ago today. There I said it. She was actually, my sister-in-law but if you've read most of my posts you'll find that she's been a major part of my life and therefore she gained the title of "Sister in Crime" - it was all in fun. I thought we were having so much fun. But fun cannot mend a heart that has been shattered or cure the dark world called "depression". I didn't know how deep her depression was and I swear to you.....I didn't have one glimpse of a clue that this could have been a remote thought in her mind. Suicide. No one could have imagined that this beautiful smiling...always laughing....game-loving, family centered girl could choose to leave us all behind - to pick up the pieces of this violent tragedy and move on with our own lives....without her in it. But I will go on - we all will. Each of us crosses our own paths of sorrow and pain and go on. They say 'time heals all wounds' (it does not). Love, however, does. Does someone need to hear from you just how much you love them? Don't wait another minute.
My sweet sister.....this is how I will remember her.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Egg Company vs. Oil Company

I wish the Egg companies ran the Oil companies - if the law of supply and demand is the basis for raising oil prices then why are eggs always cheaper the week of Easter? Just a thought......

So...this was my actual Facebook post this week. Would you like a peek at the kind of friends I have? Here are the replies I got:

* Its a right "wing" conspiracy the hens devised!

* Mainly because people speculate on oil futures a lot more than on egg futures. And fear (of which there is much in this world) makes oil prices rise on the futures market. Eggs? Not so much.

* Right. They speckle-late and dye eggs. As opposed to speculating on futures. Ah-hem.

* This idea may not be all you think it is "cracked" up to be.

* All those oil people are bad eggs.

MY REPLY: I just realized I have eggs-tra special friends. Should I put you all in one basket? :-)

* As long as we are all equally "yoked!"

* Just don't count all your friends until they've commented.

* I'm really scrambling to come up with a good egg pun......."/

as long as I have friends like these I know that even if gas prices soar, the housing market continues to tank, and I have yet to purchase an iPhone that I will always be able to laugh! “A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.”

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Default Chick Flick

I want to make a Cheesy Chick Flick that becomes the anthem for those who have no interest in the Super Bowl. Admit it...Sleepless in Seattle is cheesy and yet....I have fallen prey to its mesmerizing call - like that of the seductive siren of mythological lore - at least a dozen times....ok, more like two dozen but who's counting? Point is....every time a Major Testosterone Fest is being televised the counter attack is always "Sleepless in Seattle".
Why didn't I write this one (or any other one for that matter)?
Are we that easily pacified?
Apparently so.
Ok...here comes the part where Meg Ryan is peeling the apple and listening to the little boy on the radio talk about how lonely his dad is and....oh, I can't type any more with the stupid tears in my eyes.
Stupid chick flick.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Danger of Working from Home

I can be at work as early as I want, work as late as I want, work in my pjs and fuzzy slippers if I want, and watch Ellen if I want. I can play Solitaire if I want and not worry if a boss will catch me, I can blog if I want (what? who does that during work hours?) and I can take my lunch break on the deck by the pool...for two hours if I want.

But sadly, my choices for interactive conversation are limited.

Today, I said hello to The Grinch...and then pushed the little button so I could hear his response. He said...'you're a mean one'.

Bah-humbug Mr. Grinch.....so I went upstairs to talk to Santa Homer and get his opinion. I greeted him in his native language by saying "DOH HO HO". Then I pushed his little button. He said "this suit is itchy....now when am I getting paid?" I said "Look buster....you get one more chance or you and The Grinch will both spend Christmas in the fireplace...with your little plastic chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

I hesitantly pushed the button and what did I hear? "Deck the halls with Buddy Holly...fa la la la la.....singing Polly Wolly Doddle all the day". Seems like someone found their Christmas spirit!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Pressure is off - Christmas gift DONE!

When I was a newlywed I was full of ideas of what to give my husband for special occasions - or just random days. He'd even so much as whisper something he liked and VOILA - it would show up in a wrapped box. Or in his closet.....or in the yard (when I surpirsed him with a new shiny basketball goal).

But once I had completed his wardrobe makeover (which was more for ME and my reputation - ha) and stocked the workout room with every type of exercise equipment known to mankind....I was out of ideas.

Men are hard to shop for....has anyone else noticed that or is it just me? :-)

It didn't take us long to figure out that "stuff" was, well...just stuff and really - does he need a super-charged car vacuum or bendable flashlight? What we both love is just hanging out in fun places. Ok...some of our fun places may also include a tropical beach but we also love music and concerts.

We love old rock 'n roll. We love classical music. We love country (**correction**...I love country...he endured a Garth Brooks concert). So last night when we were watching an old concert on TV by a group we both loved he said "if they ever come to town, we'll go". Two minutes later, the Public Television lady comes on and announces as part of the television station fundraiser they were selling primo seats to their concert (before the tickets go on sale to the public) which will be coming to our city in the spring!! We looked at each other in total shock, picked up and phone and got two AWESOME seats to see one of our favorite bands.

Then I said "Christmas gift...DONE". And each of us could not be happier. Maybe he a little more than me because this means he won't have to go near a mall. :-)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Two Steps Forward...One step back

I started jogging again!! YEAY!!!

I discovered a new Ben & Jerry's ice cream.


Might I remind you that this blog's mantra is "Life is uncertain....eat dessert first". That being said, the motto does imply that there is something following the indulgence. Eat dessert first (but then what?). Let me assure you that it is worth it....even knowing I'll need to tack on an extra mile later.

What am I thankful for just two days before Thanksgiving? Ben & Jerry's new Oatmeal Cookie Chunk....and the strength to run it off. :-)
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