Friday, April 22, 2011

Egg Company vs. Oil Company

I wish the Egg companies ran the Oil companies - if the law of supply and demand is the basis for raising oil prices then why are eggs always cheaper the week of Easter? Just a thought......

So...this was my actual Facebook post this week. Would you like a peek at the kind of friends I have? Here are the replies I got:

* Its a right "wing" conspiracy the hens devised!

* Mainly because people speculate on oil futures a lot more than on egg futures. And fear (of which there is much in this world) makes oil prices rise on the futures market. Eggs? Not so much.

* Right. They speckle-late and dye eggs. As opposed to speculating on futures. Ah-hem.

* This idea may not be all you think it is "cracked" up to be.

* All those oil people are bad eggs.

MY REPLY: I just realized I have eggs-tra special friends. Should I put you all in one basket? :-)

* As long as we are all equally "yoked!"

* Just don't count all your friends until they've commented.

* I'm really scrambling to come up with a good egg pun......."/

as long as I have friends like these I know that even if gas prices soar, the housing market continues to tank, and I have yet to purchase an iPhone that I will always be able to laugh! “A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.”


  1. Prices of eggs are lower around Easter because eggs are considered "Easter foods" and prices on "seasonal food items" are always lowered as and when appropriate so as to encourage people to buy the items (and to come in, and probably end up buying other things too). Personally though, I think if they can afford to lower the prices temporarily, then they should keep them low.

  2. LOL. this was eggs-tremely funny!


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