Saturday, October 24, 2009

Excuse me??

I've been MIA - I know. Life got crazy (none of you can relate, I'm sure). Let me correct that....Life IS crazy - otherwise, you are dead. And crazy does NOT equal 'bad' - it just implies change, challenge, decision, fun, friends, family (and if you are the 'crazy' in your family - well...someone has to be so just go with it!).

I recently went to see the movie 'Couple's Retreat' (I love me some Vince Vaughn). One of the greatest lines was when he said to his wife "we don't have a problem....we have a million problems. That's called life". (Excuse me #1 - if I didn't quote that verbatim but you get the gist). His point was that these so called 'problems' are just a part of discovering how you live life together. Cool.

Excuse me #2 (but read that as EXCUSE ME??)- Part of crazy life lately has been the flooding in the city where I live. Our basement took a hit and we had to rip out carpet and are now in the process of repairing the damage (part of the craziness that has caused me to be MIA).

So this guy comes to measure our basement for new carpet and we begin the casual chit-chat about how much damage the floods have done to so many people's homes and business. Then *BAM* - out of no where this guy says "I think it's a call to repentance".

A million thoughts began swimming though my flood-drenched brain as I stood there in total shock at the arrogance and judgment of this stranger who suddenly took the form of a televangelist waving his holier-than-thou words of condemnation.

I literally looked him square it the eye and said "EXCUSE ME?". But for that kind of exuse!


  1. What?! The!? uhhh....err, ahh....

  2. What in the world was this dudes darn problem? Who does he think he is? I would have kicked him in his brownies... (if you know what I'm saying)

    Flooded basements are the biggest headache. When things calm down and you need to get your thoughts out - we'll be here sister. Hang tough.

  3. Repentance! Is that the carpet company? I am kidding, but Iike to play really dumb with people sometimes. We are also "repenting" our damaged carpet in our basement too. After all is said and done, they think it's all better but it still smells like mold to me!!!


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