Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day without my Dad

Today is father's day....another year where I remember at some point during the day...."oh is father's day". My dad died much too young from a brain tumor. I'm not sure when the 'right time' would be for a parent to die but this was certainly not it as far as I was concerned.

But Father's Day isn't a day any different from any other, really. It's not the holidays that stir the memories or the missing.

It's smell of summer time when it's so hot asphalt almost melts and I remember family vacations.

It's the crazy joke that someone tells that makes me think of all the times he would call me in the middle of the day just to share one that he had heard.

It's looking out my kitchen window at the beautiful landscaping we did a few years after he was gone...remembering all the times he said "this back yard has so much potential'.

And each of those memories let's me know he's right here with me....enjoying the heat of the summer, admiring the big magnolias we planted and laughing every time I attempt to tell one of those crazy jokes...just like he did.

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  1. i totally agree. my dad died of a heart attack at 33 yrs old - 1 week before fathers day of my kindergarten year. even though my sister and i were really too young to get to know him we always share fathers day with my mom and share stories. it's definitely not a 'sad' day for us - more of a day of laughter and celebrating the family i do have.


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