Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My New BFF

I've gone from 'unfriended' on FB (I use abbreviations because I'm cool like that)to a new BFF (still cool).

While commenting on my friend's (girl #1)status update on FB I noticed another girl had also commented. I didn't know girl #2 but I liked what she was saying. So I posted yet another comment to the original post but it was directed at the mystery girl...girl #2. She, in turn, commented on the same post but it was clearly intended for me.

Soon my FB friend (aka girl #1) decides to jump in the conversation and says "You two should be friends"!! Request sent and FRIENDSHIP ACCEPTED!!

Oh the Karma of the Facebook Universe!


  1. Just as great as the karma out here in Bloggerville :-) Nice to meet ya!

  2. yay! great way to make friends!


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