Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thank you, Mom, for making me crazy!

I'm trying to get packed for a trip - one that I've known about for almost a year. But have I spent the last week getting ready so I wouldn't be in panic mode the day before I leave? Of course....not!

I work best under pressure (aka...I procrastinate). So what. I'm the queen of spontaneity. I can whip up a FABU dinner party in the wink of an eye - not as cool as Betwitched did it but still....fast and fab. Crunch time is my middle name...names..whatever.

So what am I doing now? Well....I just finished baking two pans of cookies..yes, homemade. Hello Dollies to be exact (can we just give a shout out to the creator of sweetened condensed milk!!). I shampooed the carpet - oh yes I did. I've washed and changed the sheets. I will dust (shouldn't that be 'undust').I am about to bathe my dogs so they'll be happy while I'm gone. I have actual 'work' work that must be finished before we pull out of the driveway at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow and I still have to pack.

Why do I go through this self inflicted torture routine? BECAUSE MY MOM DID! Because if something should happen while we are away we wouldn't want to be embarrassed if people had to come into our house. Like - IF WE DIED before we got home we wouldn't want to go into eternity humiliated because our house was NOT IN ORDER!! It drove me nuts at the time and now...I am my crazy mom....and I wouldn't have her any other way!


  1. Safe travels to your trip! I would probably have done the same thing, the exact same thing in the same order. :)

  2. I ALWAYS clean my house before I leave for a trip. I just hate coming home to a dirty house!

  3. Packing is for the wee hours of night anyways!
    I would be cleaning too. I got the same random idea drilled into my head that the house needs a-cleaning before leaving. Hmm...


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