Wednesday, June 3, 2009


It's a cruel world out there. And it can't get that way much quicker these days. One minute you have a 'friend" and then with a simple click of a keyboard button....BAM...."UNFRIENDED".

Back in the good ol' days we had girl cliques and people knew who your friends were. The lines were clearly drawn. And...if one of the 'cliquees' got her panties in a wad, there was protocol and a definite chain of events that went into redefining those lines. Most often it was over an all important issue like....well, a conversation such as this:

Cliquee #1: " know how we're the coolest clique at school and how it's so great that we're all best friends and we can tell each other anything?"

Cliquee #2 : "Yeah....I love everyone! We're the bestest friends EVER!"

Cliquee #1: "Well, you know how funny "Jessica" is (names have been changed to protect the ignorant...I mean, innocent)?

Cliquee #2: "Yeah....she's so funny. She makes me laugh. I love it when she laughs".

Cliquee #1: " I could be totally wrong but......I'm pretty saw her looking at your boyfriend. I'm not saying he looked back and....well, I don't know...I'm sure it was nothing. I'm just saying ....well, you know you're my best friend and if someone was looking at my boyfriend then I'd want you to tell me. You'd tell me, right? "

Cliquee #2: "What was she wearing? She always wears 'those kind' of clothes. Was she twirling her hair when she was looking at him? She always twirls her hair! Did she do that stupid giggle? OH...I hate that giggle. I'm never speaking to her again!"

Cliquee #1: Yeah...I think she was twirling her hair. YEAH.....she was giggling...she always giggles. She thinks she's so funny! Who does she think she is? I hate her stupid clothes.

Clilquee #2: "We should write notes in class and then pass then to all our REAL friends and then we'll ignore Jessica at lunch. And then everyone will ask us why we're not talking and pretty soon the whole school will be talking about us all and we'll be MORE popular than ever!

JESSICA: Hey y'all!!

Cliquee #1 and #2: "Hey Jessica. Love your shoes!!! OMG...your hair is so FABULOUS!

Cliquee #2: I love Jessica.

Cliquee #1: Yeah....she's the best.

Cliquee #2: Hey.....isn't that your boyfriend with Jessica?

Protocol my 'friends'.....what happened to go old fashioned gossip and classic unfriending?

Oh look.....I have a new Facebook friend! She lives in Idaho?? I don't know anyone in Idaho. Oh well - MORE FRIENDS, MORE FRIENDS, MORE FRIENDS!! We're the bestest EVER!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to poke her and then toss a virtual Brownie at her. I love friends. :-)


  1. They don't know what they are missing! I hate it when people defriend me, and I can't figure out who they are! Onwards and upwards my friend!

  2. Does it send you a message when someone "unfriends" you?

  3. Hey Cassi - doesn't. I just knew! And it wasn't really a good was a silly young boy who got his feelings hurt because I called him on a very offensive comment on one of my posts. Boys! Hmpfffff!! :-)


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