Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quizzes are making me queezy!

What's the allure of all the Facebook quizzes? SO...If your husband was a car, what kind would he be? Really - what does that even mean? And what girl isn't going to say "ohhhh baby..my man is an Italian sports car" - all revved up...and...well - you get the picture.

Or - what 1970's grunge punk blonde haired female lead singer rock star who had a hit song that was featured in a Richard Gere movie about a male prostitute are you most like? REALLY? Debbie Harry? OMG...what are the odds?

If you were a hot dog which condiments would you pile on top of yourself?

Ok - so they're pointless but admit it...you've played the game too!!

So - if you were a Facebook QUIZ what question would you ask??


  1. this post made me smile, too funny!
    i can honestly say, i've never taken one of those quizes and if there was a way to block from my home page all the quizes other people take i would totally block ALL of them! i love when people believe the quizes...i mean you're going to have 8 kids, 4 girls and 4 boys....really, really!! oh and their names are going to be _______! REALLY! ha!

  2. Hahaha I generally abstain from fb quizzes. I had to take what classic movie star are you though. I thought the results to that one were fairly accurate. I hate the the questions are so obvious.

  3. those quizzes drive me crazy. especially when i see the little girls i used to babysit or something, taking the "when will i get pregnant" quiz. i totally agree with annie (above) and wish they could be blocked.

  4. FB quizzes are out of control!


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