Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sticky Situation

So what happens when you get all excited about a 'cause' or a candidate or your kid and you decide to DO YOUR PART by telling the world via a....bumpers sticker. Really?

When was the last time you read a bumper sticker and thought to yourself...."I've been waffling back on forth on who to vote for but NOW...because of YOU - Mr. Guy with all the cool informative bumper stickers - I finally know which way to go." Besides, it was so witty it must certainly be right! Thank you! Oh...and thank you for reminding me I'm a failure as a kid's just really a great kid but he never made the honor roll.

But what makes me laugh is when your cause is no longer front page news, your kid isn't on the honor roll any more, your team is, in fact, NOT #1, and your awesome candidate lost the election - you continue to make your stand and let the free-wheeling world know, as they inch up on your bumper. So here's to you, Mr. Man of Integrity, for not buckling under the pressure of shame and humiliation. You keep telling 'em buddy!!

Bill Engvall was right - "Here's your Sign"!


  1. That is so true. I usually read them to see if they are funny! xoxo

  2. That's hilarious. I've always heard too that if you have bumper stickers on your car it means you are a more aggressive person.

  3. thank you! i am glad that someone else thinks bumper stickers are stupid, as are the people who put them there! LOL

  4. Could not have said it better!!! I like the way you think!!

  5. this post seriously made me laugh so hard. i felt like i was the only one who that that bumper stickers are ridiculous. especially the honor roll one...i never made honor roll so i hated to be reminded of that!!!


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