Monday, August 17, 2009

A friendly game of Cards

You can learn alot about people you thought you knew SO WELL by playing a game of cards. Now I'm not saying I was doing the cheating....or that my partner was giving me signals.....or that our opponents were acting like they were innocent themselves when, in fact, they were doing the subtle head nod...I'm just sayin' - it was an evening of revelation.

Then the pizza arrived. And life was good....for a while.

Then I made a HUGE miscalculation. It was at a most climactic point in the game...the tensions were high.....and I couldn't decide which card to discard. Then I made this announcement ... "give me a minute....I'm thinking". Let's just say that phrase was used against me several times over the next days because I made the mother of all bad choices in my discard selection.

And then I laughed and said "'s just a card game". Thank goodness there was not a plank for me to walk or I would not be here sharing this funny little story with you today. But there was still pizza so all turned out ok......this time. :-)

1 comment:

  1. My friends take their card games WAY to serious. I stopped going for the card....and stuck to the pizza!


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