Monday, August 3, 2009

"E" is for Energy (or where can I get some?)

It's Monday and typically I'm READY TO GO!! I love my work and am usually bubbling over with ideas and energy because I've taken a day or so to relax - which is not entirely true because my body is like that little non-stop Tazmanian Devil cartoon from way back when. I'm one of those 'can't sit still' kinda girls and even when I turn my computer off and am lying on a float in the middle of the mind is still going 100 miles an hour.

But this weekend was.....funky. I promise that won't be next week's "F" word. :-)

Seems like there was just some kind of negative mojo floating around that sucked all the fun out of me. Friends were having 'issues' and I just decided to let all of that sort of pile up on my head and carry it ALL around for a while because I love these people and it hurts me to see them hurt. Then, I couldn't fall asleep because all of these things kept playing in my head like a broken record. Aye ya ya!

Maybe today would be a good day to try Red Bull!


  1. Hang in there missy! Another weekend to chill out will be here soon! I think a Red Bull may be just the ticket to jump start your day!

  2. I think a lot of people are feeling like this or at least the people I talk to are. Seems many relationships and friendships are ending, people are tense and worried. I'm beginning to think this is just the way it is now. We are bombarded with bad news, uncertainty of the economy and it's hot and humid. Gosh, that all sounds so depressing doesn't it? Typical for a Monday too. Isn't this what ice cream is for?? As Scarlett says, "Tomorrow is another day." :)

  3. Okay brownie mama! Listen up! Shake it off sister, take a couple deep breaths (seriously it works,) and just keep trucking. As your day goes on, hopefully you will ease back into a rountine and all that negative mojo will have no place to go but out the door. Feel better soon.

  4. Feel better soon! And Red Bull is icky! Try some nice {and strong} black ice tea :)

  5. If you find the magical energy boost, let me know! I too am usually ready to go and have tons of energy but today I am totally dragging. I had too much fun this weekend and now I just want to curl up in a ball and go to sleep!

    You are such a good friend to worry about those you love so much! Just try not to let it disrupt your sleep pattern next time!

  6. if you find some energy, send some my way! i'm falling asleep over here. been going non-stop with work and now i'm crashing ;)

  7. Hope you're feeling better =D

  8. Seems like lack of energy is contagious at the moment. I had a migraine today and spent most of the day in bed so I had no energy at all either. Maybe it has something to do with the alignment of the moon...

  9. awe. =[
    I hate dwelling on things that happened to me or my firends and especially if I can't fall asleep because of it! It happens about once a week to me. I think about people way too much. haha
    Give yourself a pamper day when you get back from work. Do all the things you like do do. Make some brownies ;]
    It'll get your mind off of things even for a second and you'll feel better.
    I, myself, use excersize as a way of getting my mind off of things and feeling good. =]


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