Thursday, August 27, 2009

A New Website

Where's my frickin' medal? If someone, who is NOT a 'morning' person (yes....I have the tee shirt), gets out of bed before sunrise without the threat of bodily harm and then willingly (but not enthusiastically, mind you) goes and climbs 1.4 MILES up a mountain then that person deserves an award!!!

I don't have "G"! Click on the "G" if you need an explanation!

So I sipped my coffee while my mountain lovin' hubby drove us over to the scene of the crime (aka Stone Mountain). Blurry eyed, I begin my trek. I decided to give my feet a break and walk on the dirt path up said mountain instead of on the hard rock. It's more nature-y walking through the trees. I'm actually in the 'zone', feeling all sportsy-like. The air is still cool because the sun isn't fully up yet. Then BAM - I run face first into a spider web. So much for my zone.

My 'oh so clever' hubby says "So, you found a new website?" I should have knocked him on his Gluteus Maximus....but I didn't have "G"!


  1. I would have freaked out... like freaked out screaming and yelling and runnning.. I HATE spiderwebs.. I'm ok with spiders (as much as a girl can be), but spider webs freak me out!

  2. 1. Way to go hiking! I feel your pain and have been dragged slash tricked into many an early morning hike myself!

    2. Never ever again would I enjoy nature if I hit a spider web to the face! Way to keep it together! I hate spiders!

  3. Hiking is fun. Spiders are not. Even if there are no spiders in the web, it's so hard to get the sticky web off you. If that happened to me I probably wouldn't get out of bed early for a while.

  4. spiders creep me out!!
    a new "website" totally something my fiance would! ;)

  5. I hate spider webs more than anything! And they are abundant this time of year!

  6. He is quite motivated. Sounds like my husband. xo

  7. eww! haha. way to kill a mood.


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