Monday, August 24, 2009

Missing in Action - Catch up FFF

Forgive me? I was on an airplane Friday - please don't leave me just because I stood you up this once.

We got home late Friday and came home to water disaster - as in flooded basement. But Stanley Steamer came to the rescue. Oh woe is wait, WHOA is me - as in STOP the WHINING AND EXCUSES and get on with an explanation of this fantastic picture!

My S.I.C. and I were making dinner and she actually let me use the big girl knife!! But I had already sampled the pan of brownies with extra chocolate chips sprinkled in so I think she assumed it was safe. Anyway - this is what I saw when I cut open the Red Pepper!! Isn't it awesome?? I took a picture just in case Rob Zombie wants to use it in a new horror movie. My phone hasn't rung yet but you never know.

Is it odd that I want to give it a name? Any suggestions??


  1. Flooded basement?! Oh crap, that is the worst. I have heard brownies help with flooded basements. Good thing you had some with chocolate chips.

  2. haha, love the pic of the pepper!
    hope the basement is all cleaned up ;)

  3. my mom says it looks like a snake. Slither... =]

  4. Hello, I'm leaving you a comment to say just what a beautiful blog you have here. Such fascinating and interesting posts. And your pictures... just perfect ! Thank you for sharing all this - and best wishes to you...


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