Monday, August 3, 2009

Peas ...Just Peas

First of all I want to just say THANK YOU so much for all the kind comments after my Dia de la Funk. Perhaps I should mark it on the calendar so I'll know it's coming next year. Darn sun spots.

So my husband and I were eating dinner and watching Andy Griffith. We're just wild & crazy like that. I made a Fabu-licious pork roast and some sweet green peas. I love peas. But there's art to eating peas with your fork and for some reason, I was more of a starving artist last night.

Even Jerry Seinfeld worked the 'perils of peas' into one of his shows. He broke up with a girl (in TV land) for eating peas with her fork one at a time.

Suddenly it just cracked me up. Peas are just a funny little vegetable and whoever first discovered them must have had a heck of a time trying to show friends and family how to eat them.

Any way.... I realized how insignificant peas are in the grand scheme and how this funny little green ball, rolling off my fork, made me think how equally small so many things are that we imagine to be huge problems. So instead of trying to pile the peas up on my fork - I took just a few at a time, ate them slowly and actually enjoyed my dinner more.

Today - I decided to let those nagging little 'issues' roll right off my brain just like the peas rolled of my fork. Wow - I'm not sure even Plato or Socrates had this kind of amazing wisdom. peas!


  1. How insightful!

    It's amazing how the tiniest little things can change the way we look at everything else. I'm going to remember you and your peas in the future!

  2. I love peas too!! haha

    My roommates in college used to tease me about it all the time lol

  3. New to your blog ! Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself Hello i am connie and i love to blog hop and find new blogs and new friends. Love the pea story and by the way i love pea's too! Chat with ya soon :)

  4. Don't gag, but I only like peas with mashed potatoes. So much easier to eat, and I think tasty!

  5. yum, i love peas! and i love that you have a post devoted to them, too cute ;) i really need to start thinking like that as well and let the little nagging things stop bothering me and just let them roll away. great post!

  6. haha. peas. I always pile them on my fork.


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