Thursday, August 6, 2009

Such a Girl Thing!

So - where have I been all week? Getting ready to be away from home for 2 1/2 weeks. And now....I'm here - in my temporary home which is in Colorado and it's just beautiful. BUT...that's not the point.

The day we are to leave - I decide that my hair (*sigh*) need a little trim. I just didn't have any time to go to my FAB hairdresser because I was doing - well, all those last minute things. But let me back up and tell you why I needed to trim a little.

I bought this new product that is supposed to just smooth out your hair leaving it silky and sexy ( my mind that's what I envisioned). So I put some on and then I used my flat iron and suddenly MY HAIR WAS PINK!! I missed this lesson in chemistry class where "product X" + Heat = PINK!

I love Pink - both the color and the singer. I like the singer because she's just real - just who she is ...except for the pink hair which NO ONE is...naturally!

Scissors in hand, I start chopping. And now...I'm here in Colorado with my Sister-in-Crimes' hair dresser's number in hand getting ready to have to tell this story to her. Or....maybe I'll just keep the pink punk rock look. It is kind of cool! :-)


  1. Wow, I think it's awesome you have pink hair. lol

  2. You love brownies and you are rocking pink hair. You may be the coolest person around. HA!

  3. You could totally rock the pink hair!! Me...not so much!

  4. haha. I wish I could see it!
    You said you had a lot of experience with hair color.... ;]

  5. lol, that is too funny!
    have a great time in colorado!

  6. Pink hair lol it sounds cute!! And oh no you started cutting it yourself!! Please keep us informed on what happens ????

  7. Keep the pink! I've been trying to work up the nerve to dye my own hair pink. I'm so in the middle of a mid life crisis :)

  8. Oh good heavens girl! The pink couldn't be so bad! But oh have so much fun in Colorado! It is so beautiful! We are heading to some part of Colorado after Christmas, I can't wait!


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