Sunday, September 27, 2009

And the answer is....

I have SO much in my brain that I want to share but I feel that today is just a day to clear up some questions. The fact is - I was raised in the South (not that the rest of the country doesn't have manner and etiquette) and I was taught that it was impolite to not acknowledge someone when they speak to you. So I said "Yes ma'am", "No ma'am" and "yes sir" quite naturally. (Side note...I found it a bit difficult to say "No Sir" as much as I probably should have but that's another story. You know how it's just so hard to say NO when they.....well, enough about that. *wink wink*. Besides, I think my mom reads this blog.) Besides, I'm just kidding - no, I'm not...yes, I am.

Anyway - Several comments have been in the form of questions. But I read this book called "Blogging with Moxie" and it said that if you actually ANSWER someone's comment then it just lets everyone know you are new to Blogging. And so....I have refrained. And I feel just downright RUDE. Or as my FAVORITE 'girl from the hood', Bon Qui Qui says... "RU"!

**STOP - if you have never seen BON QUI QUI - click on that link NOW. Trust will make your day!!**

So - here ya go:
(1) was actually a real live chameleon in my bathroom. SO CUTE! But I wasn't afraid at all because I grew up playing with Horny Toads (see picture)- yes...that's what they were called. I didn't understand until about the 8th grade why boys would laugh when I said "Look...I caught a horny toad". And you could stroke their head right between those little horns and they would fall asleep. A lot of irony going on there now that I'm older and wiser.

(2). I have misunderstood the words to songs many times. Or just the meaning of the words as is referenced in a recent post - HERE. (But if you have to choose between reading an old post or watching Bon Qui Bon Qui Qui) ~ And the reason people don't tell you you're completely messing up the words is that they are RU (and laughing at us behind our backs). :-)

(3) I have strayed from 200+ years of fundamental, exclusionary, arrogant thinking. And I admitted that I didn't have 'total knowledge and understanding' but what I did have was a love for all humanity. I was forced to choose - so I chose Love. Am I at peace with my decision, you ask?? YES MA'AM!!!


  1. I love hearing 'yes ma'am.' Every time I call my husband at work he answers with that, and I melt. I am SO glad I married a good 'ole boy from the South.

  2. Damnit, warn me next time to pee before I read your post. I laughed so hard watching Bon Qui Qui that yes, I tinkled a bit. Not my fault, totally yours!! ;) And btw, comments make everyone feel good so bring on the comments, even if they are in response to a question! And I am not from the south but I insist my kids say yes and no ma'am and sir!! It sounds polite and it is super cute!!

  3. I am SO glad I married a good 'ole boy from the South. How to make a website


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