Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just Go with the Flo!

In my next life I'm going to be Flo, the Progressive Insurance Chick. Did you know her name was Flo? I know because she bought herself a 'tricked out' name badge with the money she saved on her auto insurance.


I want to be that kind of girl....she can wear blue converse tennis shoes AND fire engine red lipstick! The girl has style!

Her smile lights up a room and anyone who comes to see her goes away happy.

Maybe I won't wait until my next life. I'll start with the smile and work my way up to the blue shoes. Not sure I can pull that one off just yet but I do know how to smile!!


  1. haha, I never realized she even had a name!

  2. I LOVE Flo!! I have brought her up several times with my family, who happen to work for a large insurance company, and encouraged them to pitch a new "gimic" to said insurance company. I can tell you all the commercials because she is so "catchy"!! That is good advertising!

  3. She is awesome! She always makes me laugh. I really like that advertising too.

  4. This post has given me new inspiration for a Halloween costume....

  5. she is sooo funny... my hubby and I crack up everytime... she has a good deal going!!!

  6. I was Flo for Halloween


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