Monday, September 14, 2009

Life is Uncertain.......

I think it's time for me to, as Ricky Ricardo said.... 'splain myself Lucy!

I believe the past has no power over the present.
I believe that "what you think about....comes about".
I believe you create your own reality.
I begin each day with a positive thought and a moment of gratitude.
I believe the Beatles were right when they said "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make".
I believe that giving truly is better than receiving (except for my birthday then I tend to forget that for about a week.)

So - for someone who is all about the 'power of positive thinking' and living in THIS PRESENT might sound like the statement "Life is Uncertain" is kind of a downer, negative outlook.

To me it says "life each moment to the fullest". The only certainty any of us have is very moment we are living. So instead of living in the future...."when I've lost these 20 pounds then I'll allow myself to enjoy a tiny brownie"....."when I'm more established in my career then I'll have more free time to spend with my husband/wife/parents/children"....."when I'm rich then I'll be more giving"
Garth Brooks said it this way in the song "I Will Sail My Vessel"
Too many times we stand aside,
and let the water slip away.
And what we put off till tomorrow,
has now become today.
So don't you sit apon the shore line,
and say you're satisfied.
Choose the chance to rapids,
and dare to dance the tides.

So go ahead.....Eat a Brownie for your Breakfast!!


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself! Preach it sista! Although, you are preachin to the choir with me. It is so important to chant this every morning.

  2. Well said missy! I try to have the same attitude evry morning, try!

  3. totally with you on it all. didn't have brownies though, i had some lorna doones and a couple of kit kats

  4. yes you must always eat desert first. =]

  5. Great Post!

    I so enjoy your blog.. and of course I always love some Garth!


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