Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hot = Healthy?

Don't get me wrong....I love me some yummy carbohydrates and trans fatty calories and if they're wrapped up in a delicious biscuit, brownie, or bodacious waffle sandwich then all the better. BUTT....I'm sorry...I mean - But, if you are attempting to use subliminal advertising to make me think that just because I'm eating a 'hot breakfast' that it equates to HEALTHY then someone slap me before I am brainwashed into believing it!

When the marketing geniuses resort to talking boxes of lonely cereal (you know....that COLD breakfast food - the ones that, at least, have vitamins and minerals added and, when added to milk supply some calcium and Vitamin D) to sway me to the dark side then that's why I say...."Can we get a reality check here people?"

What happened to 'Truth in Advertising'? Tell it like it is!! And guess what...We'll still buy!! And that, my friends, is why Paula Dean should be our next president!! And yes.....I want you to click on the link and see what I'm talking about!! She created this with a warning....."Eat ONE in a lifetime". But hey....she definitely tells it like it is!


  1. That looks so good, but OH MY! Not one healthy thing about it, LOL! Okay..maybe the protein in the eggs

  2. the only healthy things are the things made in nature. =/
    if only you could lose weight eating something so delicious.

  3. There is a little too much going on in that thing for my taste!


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