Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Giveaway! may or may not know (or care - in which case, I forgive you and we're still BFF's) that I also blog on another fabulous site called "She Just Got Married". They are having a very interesting give-away contest.

Not everyone has the amazing In-Laws that I'm blessed with (**SHAMELESS KISSING UP** in case they ever discover this blog - which could happen because my MIL has suddenly become very techno-savvy - but I'm serious - they're wonderful....I mean, come on...have I ever lied to you before?). Shut up!

Anyway - for the REST of you who are married, engaged or considering 'sealing the deal' FOR-EV-AH and EV-AH - you might want this. So check it out HERE.

If you win you will, most likely, want to invite me over for dinner or name your first child after me but a simple 'thank you' will be just fine. advance - You're welcome!


  1. If I win, my first child will have your name! lol

  2. I love it! I'm sure knowing how to deal with in-laws is priceless. The picture on the front is enough to make me buy it! haha!

  3. I too have amazing In-laws. Doesn't it make married life so much easier?! *sigh*


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