Friday, September 11, 2009


Someone lost her camera charger! Not just this week or even last month but more like 3 months ago. I have been leaching off my SIC since then being too cheap to spend the money and actually buy my own when it was so easy just to use hers! But she lives a thousand miles away and even though she knows I'm totally dependent on her at this point - suddenly she's all in my face with "buy your own stupid charger and leave me alone"!

Ok...that's a lie. She'd actually give me hers if I asked for it. I hate that about her....she's so nice - and it makes me look bad. Oh well....there has to be balance in any relationship! :-)

So, here's a picture of me and my hubby. I dress like this every day and when he comes home I let him kiss my hand. Actually, I'm naked but the necklace is fantastic! My hubby has to wear a tux to work because he's very important and most days at lunch, the guys at his office challenge each other to a little ballroom dancing. He has an unfair advantage though because his hair gives me more of an aerodynamic ability to glide across the floor. We lead an extraordinary life and most people are insanely jealous of us.

Why do I lie?? :-)


  1. hahahaha! I love it! I love your writing as well and I also LOVE me some brownies! I'm glad you found me...I need a funny blog friend :)

  2. Too funny!! Your blog makes me laugh...thanks!!


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