Friday, July 31, 2009

No.... I'M funnier!

For my Friday Foto (gag...I still feel so guilty for doing that) I'm using a picture I borrowed from my good friend "google images". We have an understanding and it's ok with him if I use his pics as long as I give him credit. Duly let it be!

Do you and your husband ever have this argument? Really - we have debated who is funnier than whom (who? whom? or WHO CARES?). But that's about the extent of our arguments. So what if he's actually performed at a comedy club? I don't care - I'm still funnier!

We kind of figured out that arguments are such a waste of time and not nearly as much fun as laughing, talking, scheming and plotting different ways we plan to take over the know, life's simple pleasures.

So next time you find yourself headed toward an argument - just stop, put your hands on your hips and with your best 'serious face' look right at your opponent and say...."OH YEA?? WELL....I'm FUNNIER THAN YOU!" Then smile and walk away.

Being 'right' is so overrated - and laughter really is the best medicine!


  1. Hey! You guys are plotting to take over the world too?? We should SO hook up to compare plans!

    ~I'm funnier~

  2. "I'm funnier than you..." Hilarious! Great idea. I am going to have to use that one. Happy weekend.

  3. Firstly thankyou for your very kind and flattering comments on my blog. And thank you for becoming a follower. I think yours is awesome and I'm really enjoying reading it.
    Secondly, I totally agree. Once you stop fighting to be right everything else falls into place and serenity ensues (took me years to figure that out!)
    And thirdly, I'm sorry to inform you that your plot to take over the world has been a big waste of time. I have been plotting for years and my plan is almost to fruition mewhahahahaha (that was supposed to be a Dr Evil type laugh)

  4. So funny and great idea! I am glad google images made the same deal with you!

  5. That is a great idea! I'm definitely going to use that line in the future!

  6. I am seriously going to use this line asap. Boyfriend won't know what hit him! Ha!

  7. This sounds like a great idea. I only wish I had read this 2 hours may have stopped the fight I am now in with my husband, which just happens to be the dumbest fight ever!

  8. what did we do without Google images???

    and wow, taking some of our ego down a notch is such a relief!!! great points...

    I would certainly rather giggle and have chocolate than worry about who is "right"... my love and I say, "there's been enough bullshit to date..." and we try to just have fun...of course we are human and forget, but love your pointer on putting your hands on your hips and saying who's funnier!!!

    have a great weekend!!!

    ms bliss


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