Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Day Without Facebook

Yesterday was travel day. Get up early in Colorado, finish packing, check early morning email, hop in the car, drive an hour to the airport....sit in the airport for three hours because, as everyone knows, it's better to be way early than late (that tip of the day does NOT come from my book of philosophy!), board plane and sit yet another 3 hours. I'll start a new sentence here just for the fun of at Atlanta airport, stand at baggage claim and play 'which black suitcase is mine' for 20 minutes, drive another hour home. ( mom had made us a welcome home pan of brownies....I am not kidding!).

The two hour time difference seemed to have vanish in the time warp of travel day (see I changed the color to green so you would understand what that whacky picture is all about....I'm not sure I trust my vitual friends to figure that out....except for one and when you finish reading this you'll know who I mean). So, I was tired regardless of what time my body thought it was. But not too tired that my Facebook OCD would let me just go on to bed without checking in on what I had missed in my virtual world of friends.

Thank goodness for the ability to see older posts or I could have possibly gone the rest of my life without critical information of my friends discovered that she was most like the 80's TV character Punky Brewster. WHO KNEW? Additionally I learned that a friend has an IQ of 130. One friend was thankful for Karaoke and finally, I'm not sure I can even grasp the thought that I almost missed knowing that one friend just picked up some tickets for a baseball game.

Surprisingly, however, there were no strings of conversation questioning my whereabouts. Hmmm....seems that live goes on even when I'm not around to monitor it. I guess that's good to know. Oh wait...someone in New York just welcomed me home.'s good to be back among 'friends'.

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  1. Hey Brownies! I have to say I was so excited about your blog title, if I could I would have brownies for every meal of the day. I wanted to give you the link of Ms. Bower's amazing and drool worthy house blog, so you too can waste hours of your day perusing it like I do :)


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