Friday, May 22, 2009

He may be a pirate but he's just like me!

Have you ever just have an AHA moment when all the Universe suddenly made sense? I usually pride myself in not following the crowd but when it comes to Johnny Depp....I'm right there with the millions of other girls who have him on their "list" - know what list I'm talking about. And don't judge me there either - you've got one and you know it.

But then the music stopped...the lights came on and right before my eyes - well, not right before because, truth be known, they were closed so shampoo didn't get in them...where was I? Oh yeah....right before my eyes the picture became clear. I'm attracted to Johnny Depp because he and I share a love of CHOCOLATE. Really? Yes really. Hear me out....

Chocolat - no explanation needed.
Willy Wonka and the CHOCOLATE Factory - pretty obvious.
Pirates of the Caribbean - What do you think was really in that treasure chest? You know because you've probably eaten covered nuggets of....chocolate.
Ta-da!! I win.

My hubby doesn't mind that I have this little infatuation....not the chocolate one....the Johnny Depp one. Fact is, sometimes I think he likes to pretend he's a pirate himself because I often hear him say ... surrender the booty! I guess he's craving some chocolate. *wink wink* :-)


  1. There are many reasons to be attracted to Johnny Depp, maybe you want to consider some of the more obvious ones.

  2. Mine is Hugh Jackman. Mr. Happy is cool with that because he can watch a Comic Book movie without me complaining.


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