Friday, May 29, 2009

I Caved and took the Facebook Challenge's the deal. I'm kind of a big deal - well, at least I am on my nifty vision board. I run a major organization that reaches to the far corners of the globe - at least that's what my Google Analytics say. Pretty impressive, don't you think, that people in China and Australia are reading my blog....did I say blog...I mean my amazing web based empire.

My point is.....I stopped all my very important business-woman duties this morning and took a "How well do you know me" test on Facebook this morning. And the "me" in this particular test was one of my best friends of many years - a real friend, not just a virtual friend who keeps throwing things at me or wants me to confess to being one of their relatives. Who are these people? Anyway - a no-brainer quiz I figured and because I've been too busy saving the planet these past few months, I haven't spent much time on the social scene with her (or anyone else for that matter) so this little test was meant to redeem my neglect of my friend since my time is so very valuable and, need I remind you...I'm kind of a big deal and I have the tee-shirt to prove it. No I don't. :-(

I scored a 41%!!! I don't even know her HALF WAY!!!

Looks like little Miss "I'm too busy to stop and smell the roses much less meet my friend for coffee" needs to remember what the word 'friend' really means. I think I'll bake her a pan of brownies. And I might even share them with her. :-)


  1. Mr. Happy and I took those quizzes last night and he was purposely answering questions wrong, so he thought. He got an 87%. Turns out he knows his friend better than his friend knows himself.

  2. The little things that you don't know about your friend are the things that keep her interesting I hope! ;-) Perhaps by giving her some brownies for her breakfast, your relationship will be redeemed. xoxox


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