Sunday, May 24, 2009

Life - it's all about balance

I love visiting my sister in law. She's always happy, she's always up for adventure, she lets me win at Wii tennis and she always cooks and bakes like we're royalty. So, in order to not hurt her feelings....I force myself to eat what she's so lovingly prepared. Yeah....I'm just that kind of girl.

She lives in the Black Forest of Colorado ...not like she actually lives out in the wild - she may be Super-Sister but she still wants her blow dryer and hot tub. But, the scenery is indescribably breath-taking and there are hiking trails a stone's throw from her house. And this girl can hike like nobody's business. I like to think I'm in pretty good shape (for the shape I'm in) but I have to put the legs in overdrive to keep up. Not to mention there's NO OXYGEN in the mile-high state!

An hour and a half later....we return from our 'walk' - which is not like any 'walk' you might typically take. this point I am famished. I know, Alanis Morisette would not appreciate my use of that word. At the very least...I was carb-deficient. So when I looked on the cabinet and saw the remainder of the home-made cinnamon rolls (no, I'm not kidding...home-made) I figured I had sufficiently burned off last night's calories and earned the right to eat one....ok, another one. But, after all, isn't life really all about balance?


  1. So drool worthy.
    That's it--it's breakfast time. I don't have anything so grand to eat here though. It's not fair...I need a SIL like that, or anyone like that!


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