Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shhhh....My Secret Stash

I know I can't keep talking about these crazy Brownies for the rest of my life but let's just confess right here that we all have some secrets. Am I right or am I right?

I have a secret stash....of, wait...you'll never guess....BROWNIES!! OMG I am so addicted to these little guys. But do I really need to hide them? Who a I hiding them from? I just publically confessed last week that I ate brownies for breakfast. That pretty much lets the cat out of the bag, don't ya think?

And this is my point about Facebook. We share what we think are intimate parts of our life - maybe even things we consider secret - with total reckless abandom.

Guy posts: "I am listening to Dave Matthews instead of working."
Friend comments: "Yeah.....it's too nice of a day to actually work."

Girl posts: "I just bought a pair of $300 shoes...."
Friend comments: Oh dear.....better hide them before you know who gets home.

I'm just sayin'......well, I think we're ALL Just Sayin'.


  1. You're right and yes, you can continue to talk about brownies everyday. There's a lot to say about brownies! ps...thanks for stopping by:)

  2. I think I am going to go home and make brownies just so I can have them for breakfast tomorrow.

  3. Confessing to the world is liberating...would be even better if I could confess and eat brownies at the same time. Hmm...


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