Thursday, May 21, 2009

It helps to know what airline you're flying on when you go to check in!

Ok - here's one for ya! Have you ever gone to check in at the airport only to discover that the airline you thought you were flying on was, in fact, NOT?

My husband and I have done an unusual amount of travel lately and I am the resident travel agent. And....I never have to 'roam alone' thanks to that little Expedia Gnome who has won all my business with his adorable accent and sense of adventure. So, anyway, we went up to the check in counter with all of our suitcases and ID only to be told "we don't have a reservation for you".

Can you say PANIC!! My mind began to imagine that I had the wrong date....or the wrong time or...I don't know what all I thought but what I did know was that I had brought no form of documentation telling me what the facts were. My husband....well, he was 'concerned' as in "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?" Then we actually both started laughing.

Thank goodness I had emailed our itenerary to friends who were picking us up at our destination. So we called and had to ask "uh.....what airline are we coming in on?" At that point our friend was laughing hysterically, we start laughing at ourselves again and disaster was averted.

And a true friend knows that when you've had a day like this that the best thing to have waiting when you get where you're going is a plate of warm chocolate cookies (which are equally as effective as brownies). That's what real friends do!! :-)


  1. Now that's a funny story. lol. Hopefully you still made it to the other airline check in kiosk in time.

    That story made me giggle... Thanks!

  2. That's awesome! And yeah, I've been there.
    Walked right up to the wrong counter, was rejected and stared..what??
    Though I had my itinerary with me...obviously I can't read or something.

  3. When traveling, mainly when flying, I require chocolate brownie martinis. I loved flying when I was little but as I got older it just wasn't fun anymore. A little vodka goes a long way :)


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