Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm going to share a Brownie with Dr. House

I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on TV although I have been known to dress up like a nurse at times ( details on that little confession...and don't judge know you have too!). But if I were (was? were? help me Miss Grammer) a doctor, I think I would be a psychiatrist - but one like Dr. House (is he hot or what - I mean, brilliant). House looks beyond the obvious to find that hidden mystery. And that's what I would do with Facebook because, face it, if you're a psychiatrist looking for a group to study then the Facebook community is the Holy Grail.

Facebook is the only place where you can 'friend' a total stranger and immediately begin sharing intimate details of your private life. You can be 'poked' by an old friend and not feel violated. You can publically wish a brand new friend, who just updated her status by sharing that she's boarding a plane at that very moment, 'bon voyage' if you were emotionally invested in her leaving.

You can use terminology (aka acronyms) that you would never use if you were actually in a room with all 486 of your 'friends' and not think twice about it. THREE LITTLE LETTERS? What The "heck"?

Only on Facebook will you take the time to take a quiz that determines which Hollywood Movie Star you are or what Weapon of Mass Destruction you are most likely to use or what type of church member you REALLY are and then.....give permission for it to be posted to your public profile. And, as if that wasn't revealing enough, you will THEN.....oh here's there FUN will actually argue WHY those results are wrong by posting your own comments on your OWN results.

Now I'm dizzy.

Where are my Brownies?

1 comment:

  1. The brownies are on the breakfast table. :)


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