Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I think a Spider bit me!

That's the truth. I was sitting on the couch enjoying my first cup of coffee when BAM...I felt this pain in my leg. Naturally, Ireached to touch it and OUCH...that hurt!! I had my silky pj bottoms on - but here's the's too hot to sleep in them so I just laid them on the floor by my bed before I fell asleep so I had easy access for when I got up. SO....back to the OUCH. I suddenly had this horrible image that a spider had crawled into my silky pj pants (do you get the sense that I'm making sure you understand that my pjs are not flannel - because, apparently that's important that you know).

My husband assured me it was NOT a spider and that I probably wasn't going to die today - at least that's not what my horoscope said. know me...I decided to experiement with my Facebook friends. Here's what I posted:

"I think a SPIDER bit me! Seriously - it hurts like crazy and I have to catch a flight later today. This is such an inconvenience."

How many 'friends' do you think commented on this potentially life threatening incident?? ONE!! And it was very sarcastic at that.

Need I remind you how many people commented on those stupid brownies?? Too many to count!!

Friends?? Really?? Thanks guys.
Wait....fingers going fading......craving for chocolate.....Out - of - Control!!


  1. Ouch, hope you feel better! I bet you would have gotten some response if you wrote down that a poisonous tarantula spider bit you!

  2. or if you said a spider that is carrying swine flu bit you.

  3. What is going on with that has a lot of mouth accessories.
    Maybe if you put the spider took a bite of the brownies..I could see people commenting on that.

  4. This just shows your true friends only like you for your brownies. Discuss sweets they can't respond fast enough... tell them you may be dieing, watch them run for the hills.


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