Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baby Gots New Shoes

I got me some HOT PINK and SILVER sassy Saucony running shoes. WoooooHoooo!! They look Mah-ve-lous!! And if I'm going to be forced to be healthy at certain times in my life...I should at least look good, yeah? Agree?? YES, you do. Don't lie and pretend that you are purely into fitness for fitness sake. We want to look good if we're walking to the end of our driveway to get the mail.

So - I decided to hike some trails that I'd never hiked before. Let me correct myself - my hubby and I set out to hike. Ok...I respect, admire, esteem.....etc. etc....my man more than any man on the planet. He is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. But - if lost, he upholds the standard of all men everywhere and will NOT ask for directions. Period.

What started out to be a nice morning one hour (TOPS) hike turned into a 7 mile hike. The new shoes did NOT come with GPS!! I had not eaten before we left the house.

I was weak, starving...losing sight....dizziness setting in.....As soon as we walked through the door - the Brownies beckoned and I heeded the call. Emergency stash saved my life!! And let this be a lesson to you all....Keep a First Aid Kit handy!!


  1. Those shoes are awesome! I need new ones myself. Love the colors!

  2. lol, glad you made it home without passing out ;)
    very cute shoes!
    all my tennis shoes have to have pink on them!

  3. I loooove Saucony. They are super comfy, even with my giant feet! And I'm lovin' the pink and sliver. Very cute!

    PS I left you something on my blog! =)

  4. i need a new pair of sneakers - these look fab. who are they by? what did they cost? where did u get them?

  5. Cute new shoes! I love my Saucony too!


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