Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Put them in the recycle bin - for crying outloud!

I am a born-again saver. And by that I mean....I inherited the 'thrifty' gene.

My dad was.....uh-hem....'frugal'. And yet....somehow I managed to think I had an amazing childhood. Sure, he would embarrass me when we'd go shopping and he'd walk up to the checkout counter and say "how much will you take for this?". As I stood there in horror, poking him in the side saying "DAD...the price is on the tag", he'd turn to me and say "yes, but that's not the price you have to pay....always ask."

As a teenager, I was mortified until I observed that many times the sales person would say "oh...we'll give you 10% off". Are you serious?? Then why didn't they just put up a sign that said "10% off"??? But I had some really cool stuff!

He also knew where all the best sales in town where. It's not that we were dirt poor - in fact, he was a genius when it came to investing leaving my mom in great financial shape when he passed away suddenly. He was just smart with money.

Now that I'm all grown up I am pretty proud to say that I LOVE A BARGAIN and am queen of the good deals (ask my husband how much I have SAVED him over the years!)

But there really should be a place where I draw the line on being frugal. Right? I mean really, how many empty Salsa Containers do I need to keep to store leftovers? Today, I'm going against my genetic nature and tossing a few in the recycle bin. After all, I'm sure it will be melted down and someday I'll end up buying another container of Salsa made out of recycled plastic. I think this is truly....the circle of life.


  1. I know how hard that can be! I love containers that can be reused and hate parting with them.

    At least you're gonna recycle them!

  2. My grandmother is exactly like you. We drink things out of jelly jars at her house. She washes plastic silver ware to use again. She steals stuff from fox woods so she'll never have to buy soap or shampoo ever again. =]

  3. I finally realized that once the lunch meat is gone, you should recycle the container beacause after stacking up 20 of them with nothing to go in them its like what is the point? Hahah. Great post!

  4. I wish I was more of a penny pincher. I grew up with cool whip containers as the go-to tupperware. Then some where along the line between growing up and the invention of Glad-ware I lost the ability to reuse food containers.

  5. I am very similary. especially with containers. Boyfriend thinks I am nuts when I save the salsa tubs but whatever, they come in handy!


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