Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Convertible - Sunscreen = OUCH

This is what I spent the day riding around in. I know....poor baby. This is my brother in law's car but he let me and my SIC (I affectionately refer to her as my sister-in-crime) drive it today. We left Colorado Springs in the morning and headed for Breckenridge for lunch and shopping. Eight Hours in a convertible - top down (DUH!) and the most amazing sunshiny day you can imagine! We had a BLAST!!

She asked if I wanted some sunscreen before we set out on our adventure but I said "No thanks....I want a tan". Bad decision. And when we got home from our tour de France (ok....not really France but it's more fun to say than 'drive thru the mountains') I was EXTREMELY thirsty!! Parched you might say. Guess what? Chardonnay doesn't exactly quench your thirst but it sure does make the BURN hurt a lot less!

Guess what - they have a CHOCOLATE SHOPPE in the middle of town. Mmmmmm....FUDGE!! Yeah....a little piece of heaven just for Moi!


  1. Ouch! Hope your burn feels better, if not, just keep the wine coming! Oh, and send some of that fudge my way!

  2. I hope your burn turns into a tan!!
    I'm jealous of your fun day and that car looks like a lot of fun to cruise around in!
    I'll take some fudge as well ;)

  3. What a FUN trip! I have gotten some rather silly sunburns in the last few months because "I wanted a tan". *LOL* The things we do for beauty!

  4. I am loving your blog! My kind of girl, I too think I belong in the older days, cant wait to read more:)


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