Thursday, July 16, 2009

Somebody's watching me...

I wonder if Geico would like my opinion? NO? Too bad!

I LOVE THE GECKO....and those 'eyes' just annoy me. There, I said it. Now...MORE GECKO!! It's the accent - and when he offers biscuits and jam, I imagine the two of us sitting in a french bistro laughing like old it odd that I find him a wee bit sexy? is. Forget I said that.

That's not the point - that's just an editorial comment. My point is.....I DO love Facebook. I've been reacquainted with people I haven't seen in years - I mean yeeeeeaaars - and now, we are 'FRIENDS'. Thank you, Facebook.

So, I post a status update or throw up a couple of pictures and new old friends (and distant relatives that I could not identify if they walked up to me in the mall) are commenting like the gap between all those years never existed.

HELP!! What is Facebook protocol? Should I acknowledge those random comments? And why do I suddenly feel like ...somebody's watching me!


  1. Haha, I actually like the weird eyed money things. I thought it was weird at first but I admit to dancing to the music.

  2. I think he's a "wee bit sexy" too. ;)

  3. Haha, I've started setting my photo albums and status updates to block certain people, just b/c i don't understand why they need to comment. and I DO like the gecko's accent

  4. Someone is watching you on facebook, that is why you have to be careful what you put on me, I've learned. Lol. Usually it is good to comment back if you want, depending on what they say. You have a fun blog land - how fun! :)

  5. My theory is to hell with protocol. If you want to comment back, do it. If not then don't. Don't do it just because you feel you need to, and if someone is watching too closely then be really careful about what you say or put up there.

    Good luck!

  6. That gecko makes me swoon. It must be the accent.

    I am pondering the idea of making brownies today. That made me think of you.

  7. Don't worry you're not alone, I also enjoy the gecko instead of those freaky googly eyes on a stack of bills, 100%

    haha, I adore Facebook. It's the best. I always responed to the random comments. Don't forget to write back on other's walls and send back different quizzes and bumper stickers and such if someone sends you an invite to one! Always comment on photos you're tagged in and responed to inboxes. You'll be a great Facebooker in no time! Poking is fun too. =D

    I'm Jess BTW follow me back?


  8. I 100% agree- more Gecko and less creepy googly eyes.

  9. Deal. We're both Southern, and that's what really matters, right? ;)

  10. Facebook is greeeaaaaat! I think I'd be lost without it!

    Love the blog--keep on writing!

  11. I vote for the gecko.

    on FB comment if you want, don't if you don't. There is no rule that says you have to comment.

    Love your blog!

  12. He hee. Set those pictures to "friends only"!
    Great post, facebook can make you feel like big brother is watching!


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