Thursday, July 23, 2009

Part Time Lover

Back in the day Stevie Wonder had a smash hit called 'Part Time Lover'. It was hot. He was hot. I'll stop there. One line says: "We are undercover passion on the run...Chasing love up against the sun..."

Seems like everyone has one these days....sneaking a little private time at work - hoping no one notices. Being so lost in being together that you can't even hear when someone calls your name. You try to go to sleep at night but it's so hard to let say goodbye. You can't stop thinking about what you're missing....missing it so badly that your hands begin to twitch. Just one more touch.

A friend of mine, just this morning, told me she went to bed with hers with her husband lying right next to her. She's very addicted to her PTL and her husband acknowledges it and simply refers to this PTL as 'her mister'. She doesn't care - he has his own PTL. Sometimes they make it a foursome.

Really people....put the iphone away and go bed. Who might discover some new 'undercover passion' with that cute guy lying next to you!!


  1. Hahaha, thanks for making my day. Now if only I had some brownies...

    = ) Happy almost Friday!

  2. My husband and I have different schedules and tons of things that we do so the only time we have time together is at night. No PTL's are allowed at that time!

  3. Sadly my partner and I both have a PTL, when we get bored of that we have laptops ... and then each other!

  4. "her mister"... you make me smile:)

  5. LOL!! I think you were speaking directly to me in this post!! So true..I now refer to my iPhone as "my mister"...LOVE IT!!

  6. Hello darling and thanks for stopping by my cottage and for the lovely comments you left behind. You are now a follower on my blog, much appreciated. I came over for a visit too and I love what I see. I just admire your sense of humor. I had myself a really fun time reading your blog, I will be back. Please stop by to see me again, I will be delighted.

    Duchess xx

  7. Haha. Stevie Wonder is never hot. That's a lie.

  8. I must have missed this post! My significan other has one... I refer to it as the iBore!!


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