Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh yeah...I ROCK!

Who knew this little Blog of mine which happened quite synchronistically (really, what would I do without Dictionary.com) would suddenly be at the center of my daily thoughts? And now.....ladies and gentlemen (yeah...I gots myself a guy follower!) I have been given another award!! Please.....keep the applause to a minimum.

Thank you JenniLoo of Jonesin for the Jones'

This is just SO MUCH FUN! So here we go with the rules of this one:

First, as the recipient of this prestigious award I have to tell 10 true things about myself in my blog that no one else knows

Second, I have to pass along this prestigious award to 10 more bloggers.

Third, I have to notify those 10 bloggers who follow the same forum - I'll be leaving comments on each of your pages and when you post your ten things, be sure to post a link back to me!

My Ten Things:

1. I stuffed my bra on a first date.
2. I used to wear a ring that was made with the eye of a dead man. Really. A friend whose dad made dentures for a living made it. I didn't get to keep it but it sure made for fun conversation while I had it.
3. I am the CEO of a corporation (but this blog is where I get to just play).
4. I was the 6th grade Spelling Bee champion.
5. I parasailed UPSIDE DOWN one time because I wanted to see what everything looked like from that angle.
6. I have a crush on Johnny Depp - oh wait...I guess that's not a secret. :-)
7. I can imitate Sharon Osborne - and it's pretty funny!
8. I have never seen a James Bond Movie or Harry Potter...or Lord of the Rings.
9. I'm related to a famous NASCAR driver but I've never, ever watched a race!
10. My brownies are so good because I use a secret ingredient that is not from the United States. :-)

Now the People I have tagged:
AMS - Faith, Hope, Love
TeeTee - Through the Looking Glass

Southern Belle
Annie - Chapters of Our Life
Yours Truly (feel better!)
Frannie Fires Back
Puddles of Sunshine
JP - Simply Yet Perfectly Sweet
Let's Have a Cocktail
Cardigans and Kisses

WOW - that was SO hard to choose just 10! And this is why I haven't posted in a few days. SO....TAG Y'ALL!! Pass on the love. :-)


  1. number one made me giggle. alot!
    Great List!

  2. I've never stuffed my bra. This looks fun! Maybe i'll do this on my blog too. =]

  3. Oh my goodness... thank you!

    I am so honored!

  4. LOL! you are hillarious!
    i will admit i once stuffed my bra in the 6th grade, ha!
    i can't beleive you wore a ring with a dead guys eye...ah, kinda creepy! lol

    thank you for passing it on to me...i already did this. you can check it out in my history if you wanna ;)
    yours was MUCH more interesting than mine!

  5. Love your list Ms. Fabulous Brownies...and thank you so much for my award!

  6. Thank you for my first award!! Love your list!

  7. Thank you thank you!!!! I'm SO excited!

  8. awwe. fabulous award. thank you!!


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